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Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Last update over a year ago! >_<

FINALLY Updates. The Books: Read is now up to date! Front page updated. Minor changes around the site.

I’ll see about keeping this up.

Next Meeting is on the 10th (I need to start reading)! Got to love Project Vertigo, even if Vertigo doesn’t want to cooperate with keeping books in print.


We are Under Construction

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Details to Come…Progress being made…

Global dominion starts here

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

01/29/08 – The beginning of the end. In the yawning chasm of the void, an ancient horror stirs. We serve this beast from beyond time and the universe, and make its will manifest in this world. And it wills us to…

Read comics. Do not question the monster. It maneuvers in ways beyond our comprehension. You must either submit or… not submit. I guess. It isn’t really clear on that point. We would ask the fiend, but the last person with a question was flayed. You do not see that too often anymore. Flaying. It is a pretty grisly spectacle. Kind of neat, though. And to be honest, Kevin kind of had it coming. He was sort of being a jerk about the whole thing. Making fun of the malevolent entity’s tentacles and the like.

Anyway, I should be wrapping this up. See you at the next meeting. Or at the end of all time and space. Whatever comes first.