Bill and Ted’s Most Excellent Aventures: Volume 1 by Evan Dorkin

The first thing I noticed about Bill and Ted’s Most Excellent Adventures, Volume 1 by Evan Dorkin, is how awesome it is – totally awesome in fact. Evan Dorkin has done a great job capturing the California surfer dude / valley girl speech style and vocabulary. His writing is spirited and fun and really, really smart. His dialogue filled with “dude” and “no way,” helped me remember why I love comics…because they are so fun to read.

As a fan of the original movie, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, I think the comic is really well crafted – easily capturing the fun and good-natured rock and roll ascension of the most excellent Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and Ted Theodore Logan. I never have gotten around to watching the sequel, but I plan to see it eventually. If anything, the comic made me want to see Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, despite the bad reviews I remember.

Strangely, until I read the comic, I had never really thought about the Bill and Ted saga as being a science fiction. I understood that there was a phone booth and time travel, but I never really thought much past it. I am an avid Doctor Who fan, and have always identified that as science fiction, but this still seemed sort of different. Maybe it’s that Bill and Ted seemed to sort of fall into the sci-fi part of story, but that it was really about a funny story about two sweet kids who wanted nothing more in life to play in their band.

The introduction of the Station character really threw me off. Station, a crazy smart alien that only speaks by saying the word “station!” sort of confused my idea of Bill and Ted’s universe. Further, I didn’t get why others said “Station!” I was never sure if they were speaking the Station language, or just imitating the alien…Maybe it translated better on film. Anyhow when Rufus shows up for the first time, he is from the future, not from a different planet. It seems less science-fictiony to me. But maybe that’s just me.

And that is when I noticed the robots. And then I realized that the Bill and Ted saga really is a science fiction story. That this whole time, Bill and Ted from San Dimas, California, were locked in a sci-fi time travel, otherworldly tale- with robots. There’s really only one way to describe this story – most excellent, and I’m sort of sad that I never noticed it until now.

When I finished with the story – I actually read both volumes – I was really disappointed that there was nothing more to read. I wanted more. I wanted to see what happened – and I’ve always wanted to know how Wyld Stallyns became what they were destined to be.

This was my choice for the Graphic Novel Book Club – and at the time I had no idea that SLG had simply re-printed Marvel issues from back in 1990s. I think I have some of those issues somewhere…anyhow it was really great to have the stories in print again and to be able to get the full collection.

Bill and Ted’s Most Excellent Adventures were truly tripendicular! (note: tripendicular is defined by the urban dictionary as “really wicked, in the raddest way”) Nothing seems more apt to describe the coolest kids from San Dimas ever. Party on.

P.S. Also totally awesome is Check it out!


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