Global dominion starts here

01/29/08 – The beginning of the end. In the yawning chasm of the void, an ancient horror stirs. We serve this beast from beyond time and the universe, and make its will manifest in this world. And it wills us to…

Read comics. Do not question the monster. It maneuvers in ways beyond our comprehension. You must either submit or… not submit. I guess. It isn’t really clear on that point. We would ask the fiend, but the last person with a question was flayed. You do not see that too often anymore. Flaying. It is a pretty grisly spectacle. Kind of neat, though. And to be honest, Kevin kind of had it coming. He was sort of being a jerk about the whole thing. Making fun of the malevolent entity’s tentacles and the like.

Anyway, I should be wrapping this up. See you at the next meeting. Or at the end of all time and space. Whatever comes first.

5 Responses to “Global dominion starts here”

  1. Kam-biu Luk says:

    unfortunately, I didn’t make them to any panels. They were a bit of a walk from the exhibit hall, and I was busy with the booth and also having a thrilling time on the show level. I’m sure that reports might be popping up on the ‘net soon. I’m really awaiting hearing about the ladies in Comics panel.

  2. Wes Sehr says:

    I just StumbledUpon this. Not bad. I’ll give it a thumbs up.

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  5. Except his fight would be a beat down and not a boring decision.