August 9th Meeting: Kick butt Women

August 9th 2015
@ Manuel’s Mexican Food – Scottsdale
Lumberjanes Vol 1

Rat Queens Vol 1

Anonymous quotes:

“One of the better ones we have read this year.”
“Nancy Drew X Powerpuff Girls.”
“Would make a good tv series.”

“Book is too short. Cover Art is cook, but want more story.”
“The different badges are so fun.”

“The Lumberjanes’ pledge is awesome!”

“I want to be a Lumberjane!”

Rat Queens:

“I enjoyed the story, but like other stories where female characters doing what male characters do.”

“I liked the character development.”

“It was like a D&D campaign.”

“I don’t like the general disregard for people.”

“It was like a Jack of Fables issue, but better!”
“It was a good time.”

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