Man of Iron

The Graphic Novel Book Club was on location at the Tempe Marketplace last night to catch Ironman on the CineCapri (read: ginormous) screen. We met early for a meal and after Slices ran out of pizza and ice (not as funny as it sounds) we got excellent seats in the theater. All reviews will be in the comments section to avoid accidental spoilers, but let me just say that the movie rocked.

So how did you like the movie?

4 Responses to “Man of Iron”

  1. Mask of Tengu says:

    Say what you will but I think Bridges did an excellent job…even though he will always be THE DUDE to me.

  2. sonofether says:

    Why was the Big Lebowski fighting Iron Man? Is it because he finally cut his hair and traded in white russians for scotch? Does the dude no longer abide?

  3. Mask of Tengu says:

    I thought the movie is one of the best comic movies ever…it make me excited about the future of comic movies.

  4. rapunxelle says:

    I thought the movie was awesome. I really want to say that it’s my new favorite. I like the hero, the villain, the girl, the suit. It was all super cool!

    Tony Stark=Ironman=Wicked Awesome!