Phoenix Comic Con 2008

I think the 2008 comic con can be summed up as thus, “Why are there so many anime kids around here?” Truly, it was a maddening descent into the battle of subcultures. 3/4 of the costumes were manga/anime characters. The remaining 1/4 was Star Wars. I can forgive the Star Wars people because there are Star Wars comics. The anime/manga crowd, however, have their own convention.I suppose the saddest part of the whole thing was seeing Matt Wagner, creator of Grendel, sitting at a table with nothing to do. At a comic convention, a comic creator was sitting around with no one speaking to him or showing the slightest interest in his presence. Two feet away was a giant group of kids in costumes talking about Ryachu or something. I really couldn’t hear them over the SOUND OF MY WEEPING.The problem with this convention is that it is trying to be all things to all people, and thus not succeeding particularly well in any one facet. They had some comic books, and some Star Trek actors, and some Star Wars actors. San Diego can get away with that sort of thing because it is huge. That convention literally defies your ability to take it all in. You can try, but the con is waiting around a blind corner with a shiv, ready to gank you for your audacious attempt.This convention can be walked through in an hour, and it only takes that long because wandering gangs of Innuyasha fans are blocking the hallways, like so much arterial fat. I witnessed convention volunteers on several occasions having to break up these impromptu gatherings because they were obliviously/rudely staged right in front of a signing table.I enjoyed my time at this con, but that enjoyment solely stemmed from manning our table and talking with my fellow GNBC members.  I met a lot of new, interesting people and genuinely had a great time discussing comics with them.  It was really great to spend a couple of days with people that share the same interests.  My attempts to speak with the Star Wars cos-players next to us were painfully awkward, mostly because I kept trying to incite them to violence against either the anime kids or people dressed like Imperial Stormtroopers. That and their C3PO cutout kept trying to molest me. Obviously his rape inhibitor protocol was malfunctioning. I am almost certain those people hate me now.-Adam

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  1. My first Comicon is coming up soon in Arizona. I’ve waited years for this! I’m taking my kids for their first time. This is going to be fantastic!!!

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    Hey there! Thanks for keeping me busy while I am bored! Your stuff is keeping me awake while I am stuck in the office. Keep it coming :o)!