October 11th Meeting: Locke & Key

October 12th, 2015

October Meeting:
October 11th 2015

@ Yard House – Desert Ridge

Locke & Key Vol 1

Anonymous quotes:

“I was surprised I liked it as much as I did.”

“The release of The Being is interesting.”

“The jumps back and forth in time could be confusing.”

“Story was excellent. I cared about the characters.”
“Parts of it seemed slow.”

“The Sister’s story was a better take on the female victimization.”

“Locke lives in a Keyhouse.”

“Good art style.”

“Some interesting subtle story telling.

“One of the more powerful stories we have read. It really pulls you in.”

“The gore is not excessive. You can quickly skim past it if you don’t like that.”

“Good spooky Halloween tale.”
“One of the best Halloween reads in years.”

“I would like them to explore the Mom’s story more.”

September 13th Meeting: Project Akira

September 17th, 2015

Instead of a new Project Vertigo, we are doing Project Akira.

September 13th 2015

@ Mellow Mushroom Phoenix – High Street

Akira Vol 1

Anonymous quotes:

“Very much like the movie so far.”
“Works well in a comic format.”

“The kid biker gangs are respect by the the adult biker gangs?”

“Made in the 80’s. NO cell phones.”
“Love the story. Doesn’t get old.”
“Holds up well.”
“She has a GUN. That is a big deal. Wish it was in the USA.”

“Still have moments of comedy with manga tropes.”

“I don’t think they yell each others names as much as they do in the anime.”

August 9th Meeting: Kick butt Women

August 10th, 2015

August 9th 2015
@ Manuel’s Mexican Food – Scottsdale
Lumberjanes Vol 1

Rat Queens Vol 1

Anonymous quotes:

“One of the better ones we have read this year.”
“Nancy Drew X Powerpuff Girls.”
“Would make a good tv series.”

“Book is too short. Cover Art is cook, but want more story.”
“The different badges are so fun.”

“The Lumberjanes’ pledge is awesome!”

“I want to be a Lumberjane!”

Rat Queens:

“I enjoyed the story, but like other stories where female characters doing what male characters do.”

“I liked the character development.”

“It was like a D&D campaign.”

“I don’t like the general disregard for people.”

“It was like a Jack of Fables issue, but better!”
“It was a good time.”

July 19th Meeting: Project Vertigo 3.9 THE END

July 24th, 2015

July 19th 2015

@ Thai Basil PV Mall

Jack of Fables Vol. 9: The End
Anonymous opinions:

“End of Jack is just awful.”

“Aside stuff is all good.”

“Enough Canada jokes.”

“Jack Frost is the best Jack.”

Anonymous opinions:

“The story is really powerful.”

“Very emotional, they waned to make you feel the story.”

“When it went into dreaming or dead I didn’t like it.”

“I didn’t like when the deaths got weird.”

“I liked how each death would be impactful.”

“Packed a lot of story into it.”